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Lorea Elia

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"Welcome! I am Lorea, your miracle maker!
I help people like you create your Heaven on Earth by taking you from mental slavery to inner sovereignty, changing your programming so you will reach for the stars, feeling fulfilled, aligned with your greatest potential and who you are in truth."


Lorea is a Master ThetaHealing® Instructor Certificate of Science, Intuitive Success Coach, and accredited Sacred Space Facilitator leading Sophia Circle Journeys® based on The Sophia Code®.


Over the past 20 plus years, Lorea has worked with people from over 120 different countries. She excels at not just uplifting and inspiring people from diverse backgrounds, but with her guidance and healing, she helps her clients achieve outstanding personal transformation, breaking through blocks, fears, and dilemmas to create instant change.

Lorea has an outstanding ability to help you achieve mastery in any area of your life, no matter what your starting point is. Unlike other coaches and healers, Lorea looks at the energetic roots of your problem and will help you resolve the background issue, rather than just plaster over a symptom.


Lorea has successfully overcome many of the issues that you may be facing. Be it near-death experiences, miscarriages, overcoming chronic debilitating illness, relationship breakups, poverty, abuse, racism, gender-based prejudice, being a single parent... she can relate to where you are at, and with compassion and understanding, she will accompany you out of where you are to what your highest potential can become.

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Iris Alheidt - Pehrisch

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Iris is your facilitator of choice when it comes to resolving life issues and family challenges using Family Constellation Work combined with ThetaHealing. Iris' outstanding psychic abilities, allow her to accurately pinpoint the enenergetic origin of a problem.

Iris has a 30 year long, strong background in psychology, naturopathy, life-coaching, communication training and leading meditations.

Iris supports her clients not only with highly effective one-on-one sessions, she is a also a master of Frequency Healing using the TimeWaver system to energetically, gently bring about the desired transformational change you are seeking.

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