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Andrea Desmond

Amazing work if you’re looking for someone who knows what they’re doing you came to the right place. I am feeling so much better and am so grateful! I am fascinated by Lorea Elia and am sure you will be too. The amount that was accomplished is amazing - I was floating on top of the world when all this work was done! They went the extra mile to help deeply heal me and give advice, I’m so grateful. Definitely worth it! Great work I truly appreciate & you will too!

Andrea Desmond, USA

Damon Ronald Broussard

Very very beneficial package especially if you have hit a wall of further success or just any type of money blockage. It fills me with a focus on priorities of my business and a wake up in the morning no bs lets get this done attitude for work. Thank you's beyond thank you's for this package and a clear opening to financial freedom.

Damon Ronald Broussard, Lexington, NC, USA

Daniel Cederberg

Very happy with this service. Feels so much lighter, and it has shifted me very much. Affecting other areas of my life, not just the addiction, but helps me with procrastination with things that have been stuck for a long time. Feeling happier too. So thank you very much!

Daniel Cederberg, Sweden

Daniel Shanahan

Thanks this gig is excellent. It is very useful to know how to be free from anything. That is quite good since I value Lorea Elia and this service a lot in my own way, since its very great that this support will make things go right

Daniel Shanahan,
Melbourne, Australia

Denise Binum

For once in my life, I'm given hope, through this hope will come blessed assurance of positive change within my family. Lorea gave a reading with undeniable information, and her deliverance left no room for doubt. I will not hesitate to come back.

Denise Binum, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Gene Schaefer

A big thank you! Lorea has literally saved my life. I am getting better every day. The initial growth and possibility of growth I lay all at Lorea's feet. Thank you for all that she did then and has continued to do. I am deeply indebted to her. I called Lorea Elia in desperation and Lorea responded quickly and without hesitation. My health was an ongoing battle and Lorea has helped me many times on my journey forward. I am now feeling very strong and getting stronger daily.

Martin Gene Schaefer, Malaysia

Jacqueline Anne Ferguson

Excellent!! I feel very supported and guided and blessed by the help of Lorea. I will continue to follow the guidance. I recommend this service. Thank so much!! XO

Cowdenbeath, Fife, Scotland

Joseph Zarek

Peace of mind and resolution is what Lorea Elia from Life Mastery Journey brings; and this is what she brought to me. I recommend Lorea Elia to help you too!

Joesph Zalarek, Washington DC, USA


Second time buying from this really lovely/helpful/professional seller. I wouldn't hesitate to come back again. It's so good to know there's someone out there who can help. Huge thank you xxx

Kelli, Herefordshire, UK

Kendra Tombarge

Years of conventional therapy could not heal the way that this session with Lorea did. Instead of just listening and empathizing like a traditional therapist, she helped dig down to the core beliefs from trauma that were still affecting my life. It’s an easy choice between spending thousands of dollars for weekly therapy for a counselor to just listen or spending this minuscule amount for a real permanent solution.

Kendra Tombarge, Kalispell, Montana, USA

Khaled Saud Al-enazi

Amazing, I advise other to deal with Lorea Elia.

Khaeld Saud Al-Enazi, Saudi Arabia

Linda Wallace

Excellent!! I feel very supported and guided and blessed by the help of Lorea. I will continue to follow the guidance. I recommend this service. Thank so much!! XO

Linda Wallace